Wholesale custom canoes no plastic kayak PHT-06 made in China for both fishing and recreation

Short Description:

Size: 14 Feet 4.20m ( 14`X35.4″X11.8″)

Seater: 1

Materials: 1000 Denier Reinforced

Model Number: PHT-06

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  • Our Brand: Lulusky
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  • Material: Drop stitch
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    PHT-06 Wholesale custom canoes plastic kayak made in China for both fishing and recreation

    Pedal fish KAYAK 14 Air is a Multi Chamber'SOFT kayak with pedal driven system, which ensures the most stable and versatile Performance, excellent for fishing fun


    Features for the Pedal driven system

    1) adjustable seat for custom leg room

    2) A quiet belt driven pedal drive system that features both forward and reverse movement. From our testing, our belt system is much quieter than gear driven options.

    3) Effective rudder steering to allow for precision turning in tight and open areas

    4) This Pedal fish SUP can be packed into a one size wheel bag. Bag dimensions as follows 120*50*50cm. We've found this to be helpful with shipping costs.

    5) To accommodate demands from rental schools, resorts, instructional schools....etc... we are open to develop different sizes of inflatable kayaks fitted with this belt drive and rudder systems. Kayak length ranges we offer are from 9ft to 14ft.

    6) Paddle keeper on the right side

    7) Our Pedal fish SUP with this belt driven pedal drive system has hard keels that can plough through waves easily and effectively for a smoother ride.

    Features for the Pedal fish SUP

    1) Quick Removal of pedal drive system in shallow water to avoid tangling with weeds
    2)Quick inflate and Deflate progress for quick fun on water
    3)Propellor Driven Design that is much effective than Ducking's Feet type
    4)Quite and smooth rotating of system that fisherman need at most
    5)Can be fitted into a wheel bag that is portable for flight check in ,and make it an ideal mai order item.
    6)A lot of fishing Exteriors like rod holders,GPS camera can be mounted on

    Exterior: 14`x35.4"x11.8"
    Weight: 46kgs/50kgs
    Load Capacity: 1 Person (300 lbs.) + Gear (200 lbs.) = 500 max total lbs.
    Interior: 12'2" x 17"(370.84x43.18cm)
    Tube Dimensions: 8.5" High x 4" Thick(21.59cm Highx10cm Thick)
    Deflated: 22" x 22" x 12" (55.88cmx55.88cmx30.48cm)
    Chambers: 3, Port, Starboard, and Floor
    Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced
    Seam: Overlapped
    Air Valves: 3 Recessed One Way
    Inflation time: 7 Minutes

    Drop Stitch Construction Core


    Advancements in inflatable water sport technologies, in particular drop-stitch manufacturing techniques, have developed in recent times, we are experiencing a fast transition into more practical, lightweight, yet sturdy watercraft. This inflatable Drop Stitch kayak is faster, stiffer and stronger than any conventional air kayak. It can be easily transported in a compact bag. At just 19.9kgs, the material is much lighter than any polyethylene double kayak on the market, whilst the boat shape is narrower and nevertheless provides more space. And with up to 10psi air pressure, so it is as stable and solid as a hard shell kayak.

    The side chambers and bottom floor are made of high-denier (drop stitch) fabric for superior strength, high-pressure inflation, durability, and abrasion resistance in this patent-pending kayak construction.
    Moulded V-shaped shape underneath bow and stern made of rigid, durable material for better tracking, easier paddling, and greater speed.

    Key Benefits Of Inflatable Kayaks

    Up to 50% lighter than their traditional counterparts plastic kayak, making for easy transportation to and from the water.

    Folds up into a compact bag, making great for those living in apartments, or those with little room to store a plastic kayak - you can leave it in the boot of your car or store it away in your cupboard.

    Remarkably tough and durable, being made from an abrasion resistant material, inflatable kayaks won't ding or scratch like a traditional plastic kayak.

    Great performance and tracking capability, with huge advancements in the rigid V-hull, including a clever slide-in skeg, makes for a fast kayak that holds a straight line.

    Key Features

    Up to 4x higher operating pressure (10PSI) than regular inflatable kayaks.

    2 side carrying handles, allows kayak to be used and transported by one person.

    Smart drainage system allows water to be channeled to an inner storage pod for easy water release, via dual drain plugs.

    Detachable large skeg keeps kayak on a straight track while paddling

    Tough, durable, compact, and lightweight, with great maneuverability and excellent stability.

    Surpass the speed of a hard-shell kayak yet enjoy easy portability.

    Multiple D-rings allow seat adjustments for one or two persons.

    Deluxe, replaceable H3 high-pressure valves are reliable and airtight.

    Large screw-type drain valves allow for fast, easy draining of the kayak and are easy to open and close.

    Unique ultralight, universal design for all ages

    Equipment Included

    Ballistic-weave nylon carry backpack with wheels and padded shoulder straps.

    Double-Valve Hand Pump

    1 x Stainless Steel Framek Seats

    1 x Lightweight Aluminium Paddles (4-piece)

    Quick Repair Kit (with PVC patches and valve repair tool)

    Foot Pedal Drive System

    Rudder System

    1x Wheeled Bag

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