Site selection strategy for Camping

Four basic principles for the selection of camp:

 Water supply, camp leveling, leeward and shady, away from danger

Four basic areas for camp construction:

 Tent camping area, fire dining area, water intake area, sanitary area

 The places unsuitable for camp are as follows:

(1) On the beach or in the middle of the valley – it is not convenient to discharge or take water;

(2) The inner side of the river turn – flood;

(3) The windward side of the mountain top – the wind is strong and it is inconvenient to take water;

(4) Lowlying places at the valley bottom – wet and falling rocks;

(5) Under dead trees or beehives – falling trees and wild bees attack;

(6) Animal foraging points – animal harassment.

Post time: Jan-30-2023