Journalists From The Capital News Media Experience The Charm Of Water Sports

On May 24th, the "2021 Capital News Media Water Sports Invitational Competition", sponsored by Beijing Sports Federation, organized by Beijing Sports Federation Secretariat and Beijing Bole Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., and supported by Beijing City River and Lake Administration Office, was successfully held at Lehang Water Sports Base in Haidian District. Reporters from more than 20 news media and some sports workers in the capital took part in the game.

The event has two parts: single kayak relay, double kayak relay and dragon boat race. The media journalists and sports workers participating in the event not only have a further understanding of the knowledge of the relevant events, but also feel the fun of the events through the experience and competition, which provides a more intuitive feeling for the future reporting of related sports activities. During the event, the coaches and rescue personnel of Lehang Water Sports Base showed paddle board modern dance, paddle board water rescue and other projects at the scene, and explained water safety knowledge and water fitness training to the participants, so that the majority of media friends had a more intuitive experience of water projects.


The participating media reporters said that compared with other events, people usually contact with water sports less, can participate in this water sports invitational competition, let everyone close to experience the fun of water sports. At the same time, the venue is beautiful and the facilities are complete, which can bring a good experience for the Beijing residents who love water sports. We can experience rich water sports in the urban area, which not only reduces the fatigue of traveling to the suburbs to participate in water sports, but also can strengthen physical fitness through water sports, so that the majority of citizens can experience different fitness programs at home, which is of great significance.

Talking about the next step of the work, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Sports Federation said that the next Beijing Sports Federation will continue to build sailing, canoeing and other water niche boutique projects. At the same time, closely combined with the work of the city's sports center, serving the city construction of Beijing's international consumption center, leading the national fitness activities to a new level, contributing to the construction of "healthy China" and "sports power".

Post time: Jun-22-2021