Inter Boot 2021

Date: 09.18 ~ 09.26, 2021
Opening hours: 09:00-18:00
Host city: Frederikshafen Frederikshafen Exhibition Center, Germany

Inter Boot is one of the largest indoor yacht shows in the world, organized by the world famous exhibition company, Fredrik Messe Germany.

The exhibits involve yachts, sailboats, engines, ship accessories and equipment, diving products, Marine sports apparel, life-saving supplies, Marine tourism supplies, etc.
Here you can learn about the latest products and development trends in the yacht industry.

With many years of exhibition history, this exhibition has accumulated a large number of professional exhibitors and rich market experience in various exhibition fields, which provides a stable and unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors to display platform.
At the show, you can develop potential customers, meet new customers and market distributors to achieve sales goals, launch new products and expand your business scope.


Scope of Exhibits:
Yachts and related equipment: luxury yachts, light yachts, sailing boats, amphibious boats, ship building equipment, ship repair equipment, ship parts products, engines, motors, propulsion equipment, consumer services, boat related accessories, lifeboats, other water sports equipment

Surfing and water skiing equipment: all kinds of surfing boat, sailboat, sailboard, surfing kite, surfing clothes, surfboard, water skis, water skiing, traction rope, cold clothing, surfing and other equipment and equipment

Water sports: surf wear, swimsuit, surf characteristic casual wear, beach wear, outdoor sportswear, and other kinds of clothing;
Beach sports equipment and equipment;
Beach supplies (movable tables and chairs, umbrellas, etc.), sunglasses, fashion accessories, backpacks, hats, jewelry, shoes, sunscreen products;
Souvenirs, water toys;
Underwater camera

Kayak originated in Greenland, is the Eskimos made of animal skins for fishing a small boat; The canoe originated in Canada, so it is also called the "Canadian boat". In some countries and regions of Asia, kayaking is also called "canoe". Modern canoeing originated in 1865 when Scot McGregor used canoes as a blueprint to make the first canoe "Nob Noe".

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