How To Turn a Paddle Board With The Sweep Stroke.

In this news, we will recommend an efficient, simple mathod to let your SUP turn around.
Through the way we provide, you can perfect your technique In actual combat operation when you have fun with your lovely paddle board .
Paddle boarding is a great way to refresh your body, get some exercise, and see places you wouldn’t normally see.
Now let’s find the best way to make your paddle board steering faster and more efficient on the water.
SUP Paddle Board Tip:
Process 1:
“Balance “
If you want to turn on water, you don’t want to fall into the river, and overall balance during the turn is key.
In a standing position, your legs need to be wide apart and slightly bend your kness.
This will provide you more balance to support you make the board stable at that time.
Process 2:
Then you need to reach forward and immerse the entire blade in the water
Process 3:
Here we are, the most important step called ‘sweeping motion ‘.
In which step we will sweeping the paddle rather than drawing the paddle from the front to the back of board straightly.
You need to drawing a half circle through a wide arching movement in the water next to your board.
And start sweeping again at the front and circle to the back of the board.
Process 4:
Sweeping right the board to turn left.
Sweeping left the board to turn right.
If you want to turn your board 180 or even 360 degrees, just keep sweeping into the same direction.
At the last, you did it.
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Post time: Apr-22-2022