Camping in the Wild’s Knowledge3.0

How to set up a tent for outdoor camping?

1, should try to put up tents on hard, flat ground, do not camp on the river bank and dry river bed.Use a camping cart for easy transport of equipment.

2. The entrance of the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be far away from the hillside with Rolling Stones.Under the premise of safety, folding tables and chairs can be placed at the entrance of the tent to ensure comfort.

3. In order to avoid the tent being flooded when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug just below the edge of the canopy.

4. The four corners of the tent should be pressed with large stones.

5. Air circulation should be maintained in the tent, and fire should be prevented when cooking in the tent.

6, at night before going to bed to check whether all the fires have been extinguished, whether the tent is fixed and solid.

7, to prevent insects from entering, you can spread a circle of kerosene around the tent.

8, the best tent face south or southeast can see the early morning sun, camp as far as possible not on the ridge or the top of the mountain.

9. At least have a groove, not by a stream, so it won’t be too cold at night.

10. The camp is selected in sand, grass, or debris and other good drainage camp.

11. Tents to build in turn: first build a public tent. Set up a cooking tent downwind of the camp, build a stove, and fire it

Pot of water, and then in turn to the upwind to build dry storage of public equipment warehouse tents and their respective camping tents. When the whole camp is tent up

When it is built, the water is already boiling, ready to drink and start cooking.

12. Build a field toilet: Choose to be slightly downwind of the camp and away from the river (at least 20 meters away). Had BETTER BE TO DIG A WIDE 30 CENTIMETERS or SO, LONG 50 CENTIMETERS OR SO, DEEP ABOUT half a meter of rectangular pit, put some stones and fir leaves inside (eliminate stink). On three sides with enclosed by plastic cloth or packing box, fixed, the open side should be leeward. Get some sand and a spade and a piece of cardboard. Use some after the toilet root beer buries feces and toilet paper and covers the toilet pits with a board to eliminate odors. Put up a clear sign outside the toilet so that others can see from a distance if someone is using it. At the end of the camp, bury the poop pit with root beer and mark it for other field participants.

Post time: Oct-18-2022