Camping in Spring

With the arrival of spring, the weather is finally getting warmer. Next, choose a good weather and carry out your spring camping plan!

Points needing attention in the mountain stream camp

1. Tent

Because it is located in the mountains, the stream flows through, and the water vapor is relatively large, so it is appropriate to bring a relatively ventilated and dry tent, otherwise the inner wall of the tent will be wet from night to morning.

2. Clothes

The temperature difference between the morning and evening in the mountains is relatively large. It is recommended that you take enough thin long-sleeved clothes, and at the same time you can take two more short-sleeved clothes and shorts, so you can go into the water at any time to cool down.

3. Stove

The most noteworthy thing about the mountain forest camp is the mountain fire. There will occasionally be evil wind in the mountains, and there will be mountain fire detection in the forest. Therefore, it is best to bring a casserole or electric stove. If you really need to use firewood, you need to equip a covered firewood stove.

4. Traceless camping

For the camp in the water resources protection area, try not to use detergent. If necessary, go to the designated washing area to avoid polluting the water resources. Garbage needs to be provided with garbage bags, which should be taken to the centralized disposal place when the camp is withdrawn to keep the mountain forest camp clean.

Post time: Jan-29-2023