• Outdoor camping professional product recommendation – Customizable wholesale outdoor folding chair

    Outdoor camping professional product recommendation – Customizable wholesale outdoor folding chair

    Outdoor camping is a very popular activity right now. Camping requires us to prepare a lot of professional outdoor equipment. As a senior practitioner in the outdoor industry, I am happy to introduce a series of camping essentials for you. When looking for outdoor furniture to suit your excursion...
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  • Site selection strategy for Camping

    Site selection strategy for Camping

    Four basic principles for the selection of camp:  Water supply, camp leveling, leeward and shady, away from danger Four basic areas for camp construction:  Tent camping area, fire dining area, water intake area, sanitary area  The places unsuitable for camp are as follows: (1) On the beach or in ...
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  • Camping in Spring

    Camping in Spring

    With the arrival of spring, the weather is finally getting warmer. Next, choose a good weather and carry out your spring camping plan! Points needing attention in the mountain stream camp 1. Tent Because it is located in the mountains, the stream flows through, and the water vapor is relatively l...
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  • Camping in Autumn

    Camping in Autumn

    1. Lightning protection In rainy seasons or areas with frequent lightning, the camp must not be built on high ground, under high trees or on isolated flat ground. It is easy to be struck by lightning. 2. Near water The camp should be close to water sources, such as streams, lakes and rivers. Howe...
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  • Winter Camping

    Winter Camping

    1. Four Seasons Tent When camping in cold and snowy conditions, winter camping tents are necessary. Use a four-season tent that can withstand extreme weather. This is usually heavier and stronger than the three-season tent because of the reinforced pole and stronger materials. 2. Sleeping bag Mor...
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  • Summer camping

    Summer camping

    The summer vacation has finally arrived Do you want to experience an exciting camping trip? With friends or family Go to the forest Water treading, camping, picnic Is the most fashionable way to spend the summer Xiaomei has prepared for you Summer camping instructions Let’s go to the suburb...
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  • Tips on camping

    Tips on camping

    1. Tents shall be set up on hard and flat ground as far as possible, and camps shall not be set up on river banks or dry river beds. 2. The entrance of the tent shall be windward, and the tent shall be far away from the hillside with rolling stones. 3. In order to avoid the tent being flooded whe...
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  • Camping into nature

    Camping into nature

    Camping is a process of walking into nature, feeling and enjoying nature. It is a popular weekend and holiday resort for many people; There are also many kinds of camping, such as tent camping, RV camping, log cabin camping, cliff camping for senior donkeys, etc. Many friends are asking how they ...
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  • Points needing attention in mountain climbing and camping

    Points needing attention in mountain climbing and camping

    Pay attention to the following points when climbing:   1 When climbing the mountain, you should pack lightly and take less luggage to avoid excessive physical exertion and impact on climbing.   2. The climate in the mountain area varies greatly, from sunny to rainy, and is volatile. Tak...
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