Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good?


So you’re looking for a lightweight and portable kayak, but you’re wondering, are inflatable kayaks any good?

Inflatable kayaks cop a lot of flak and quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

Because, like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

If you only want to spend $200, then your inflatable kayak will not be any good.

*** spoiler alert ***

Our inflatable kayaks are going to cost you more than $200.

BUT, if you spend more than $200, are inflatable kayaks any good???

“Good” would be an understatement … they’re AMAZING!

Durable and Reliable

In this inflatable vs hard-shell kayaks review, we compare durability, portability, comfort, performance on the water, storage, set-up and cost.


Quality Brand

Firstly, We provide OEM services to brands in the USA, France and Australia.

All our kayaks meet the safety standards set by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the American Boat and Yacht Council.


We use the thickest materials

We use the highest quality of PVC Tarpaulin on the hull of most models (some have PU Tarpaulin). PVC Tarpaulin is a multi-layer material that is VERY thick and durable. It is also stretch-resistant.


The seams are carefully welded

The most vulnerable part of any inflatable kayak is the seams. We use RF welding technology and glue for consistently joined seams – this reduces the defect rate and is much cleaner than only glue.


Quality Control is taken seriously

Every kayak is inflated and left overnight at the factory, so you know you’re not getting a dud!

We track all their warranty claims meticulously so that if an issue comes up repeatedly, they can address it at the design stage.

Stable and Easy to Paddle

This is the second biggest concern people have, after durability – are inflatable kayaks any good when it comes to actually paddling them?

image7Most people that call me have not had a huge amount of kayaking experience. So it is not okay to sell them a kayak that goes in circles and tips them out!

Most of our kayaks have a wide, flat hull, which means they are very stable.

You know installing roof racks is expensive and a hassle.

You’re wondering if inflatable kayaks are any good – when it comes to reducing hassle, they are awesome!

Hauling a heavy hard-shell kayak from your garage (if you have one) onto roof racks is hard work and a hassle.

Hauling it from your roof racks to the shore is hard work and a hassle.

Hauling it back onto your roof racks when you are done is hard work and a hassle.

Not being able to stop anywhere on the way home because your kayak might get stolen from your roof racks is a hassle.

Hauling it off your roof racks and squeezing it back into the garage is hard work and a hassle (any by now you’re pretty tired).

Arranging oversize baggage at the airport so you can take your kayak travelling is expensive and a hassle.

The Verdict – Are Inflatable Kayaks any Good?

In my totally unbiased opinion (lol) I think they’re AWESOME!!!


Only if you get a good one. Don’t mess around with those cheap and nasty ones.

Fortunately, we sell the range of quality inflatable kayaks and they are all durable, reliable, easy to paddle, stable, lightweight, portable and quick to set up.

So now you know which brand to buy, which model is best for you?